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All investments has Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) registrations.

Gamma Paradigm Capital

GP Prime Investment

Status: Open

Risk: Medium

Term: Buy/Sell Daily No Restriction

For: $1,000 Regular Monthly or Quarterly Investors seeking Capital Gains

CIMA Registration #: 1973381

GP Prime Investment connects to Gamma Paradigm’s flagship multi-asset strategy. A portfolio in stock, bonds, and alternatives — this is the best way to build your wealth.

Gamma Paradigm Capital

Zaavy Jewelry Investment

Status: Initial Offering Closed (from Feb. 1 to Feb. 28, 2023)

Risk: Low

Term: 2-Year Period with 7% Dividends Per Year

For: Bond Investors seeking A-rated Stability, High Yields, and High Profit Sharing

CIMA Registration #: 2021176

Zaavy Jewelry Investment invests in Frédéric Zaavy most iconic pieces. This investment yields very stable dividends with a no-constraint sales profit-sharing.

Coming Soon
Gamma Paradigm Capital

Vision Bond Investment

Status: coming soon

Risk: Medium to Low

Term: Buy/Sell Daily No Restriction

For: Minimum $100 Anti-Inflation Bond Investors seeking No-Leverage Stable Returns

CIMA Registration #: in progress

Vision Bond Investment connects to our long-only bond strategy. No leverage for pure stability and liquidity. This is for income-generating investors.

coming soon
Gamma Paradigm Capital

FundPark Asset-Backed Investment SP

Status: coming soon

This project invests in the receivable financing of e-commerce enterprises, and minimizes risks with analyzing various real-time data of enterprises through forward-looking credit risk models.

coming soon
Gamma Paradigm Capital

Gallery de sol Printmaking Investment

Status: coming soon

This investment invests in master printmaking artworks with guaranteed repurchase. Gallery de sol will bring you into the world of printmaking so that you can appreciate the charm of the printmaking and enjoy the profit from the appreciation of the masterpieces.

Gamma Paradigm Capital

Bordeaux First-Growth Investment

This investment is aimed at the en primeur of the first growths in France. In addition to the significant profits from the maturation of the en primeur, the investor has the option of acquiring the wines at a very favorable price.

Coming in 2023
Gamma Paradigm Capital

Tessa Art Investment

Tessa Art Investment targets blue-chip modern art from Sotheby’s or Christie’s. This is a perfect option for yield-generating alternative investors.

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