FundPark Asset-Backed Investment SP

Steady Income

Active Management

Portfolio Diversification


Asset-backed Investment

Partnership between Gamma Paradigm and FinTech e-Commerce financing platform FundPark. This investment opportunity grants investors exposure to FundPark’s Trade Finance loan portfolio.

FundPark specializes in providing Trade Finance financing solutions for e-Commerce small and medium enterprises(SMEs). By utilizing its forward-looking credit risk model, FundPark can precisely assess the operations of e-commerce businesses and effectively mitigate repayment risks.

Amidst the recent market turmoil, this investment presents an exceptional opportunity to safeguard your capital.

  • 6-month term
  • 7.5 % annualized return
  • Repayment guarantee
Low Risk
  • Historical delinquency ratio of 1 %, which is even lower than the Hong Kong banking sector’s non-performing loans ratio of 1.4 %
  • Backed by FundPark’s repayment guarantee
Unique Investment Opportunity
  • Diversify portfolio with non-traditional financial investment channels with superior terms
7.5% Yield
  • Remarkable 2.33% yield pick-up over 6 month treasury bill.
Investment Program
Minimum AmountUSD 100,000
Invest Period6 Months
Annualized Return7.5 % p.a.
Investment TargetGamma Paradigm establishes the loan admission criteria and risk diversification requirements.

Then, FundPark will select eligible loan assets to be placed in the pool and provide a repayment guarantee.

Professional Team


Gating First Level of Risk : Individual E-commerce Risk

Experienced and professional management team

  • Monitor real-time data on daily operations of e-commerce merchants and use proprietary forward-looking credit risk models
  • Assess merchants’ repayment ability and credit limit on a daily basis

Gamma Paradigm Capital

Gating Second Level of Risk : Closely Inspect Portfolio

Professional financial engineering team

  • Protect your investment with thorough due diligence and continuous monitoring of the loan portfolio.
  • The repayment capability of FundPark’s loan is checked with the most stringent standards
  • Ensure the risk of the loan in the pool is adequately diversified across different merchants

Fintech financing platform to e-Commerce SMEs.


Forward looking proprietary Credit Risk model

By monitoring real-time data on the commercial, cash and logistical flows of e-commerce merchants and using a proprietary forward-looking credit risk model for daily credit risk assessment, the credit limit of each e-commerce company is dynamically adjusted, helping FundPark to better control risk. 

Strong relationships with industry leading strategic partners

FundPark has established reliable partnerships with industry leading business service providers such as Tmall, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, JD and Walmart.

Trusted Source of funding

Funders include Investment Banks($250 Million ABS Facility with Goldman), Family Offices, Hedge Funds and Asset Management Companies.


Receivable FinanceTrade Asset Based Finance (Import)Trade Asset Based Finance (Export)
Business IntroductionCorporate clients discount account receivables to FundPark to get immediate payment. Partnering with the world’s largest trade credit agencies and trade credit insurers, thus utilizing different buyer’s invoices to achieve the best trade financing solutions.FundPark formed a tripartite cross-border collaboration with a logistics network and bank, providing a fast accessible short-term loan to the cross-border e-commerce merchants on Tmall Global, based on the inventory and receivables collateral.Providing revolving credit lines to cross-border e-commerce by their operating performance. Pay only when using it and no collaterals are required.
Average Loan AmountUSD 79,000USD 225,000USD 114,000
Average Tenor45 Days87 Days89 Days
Delinquency Ratio (2022)0 %0.4 %1.0 %

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