GP Prime Investment

High Growth

Flexible configuration

financial technology

Create A Top-Level investment that everyone can participate in

Small investment US market quantitative strategy operation

Through financial technology and legal framework, Gamma Paradigm Capital (GP Capital) provides professional quantitative investment to global investors in the form of tokenization.

  • Participate in the US market
  • 1000 USD easy investment
  • Let financial engineering experts continue to accumulate wealth for you

Prime Investment is linked to Gamma Paradigm Capital’s multi-asset investment. This investment is based on quantitative investment technology and is allocated for commodities in the US market , and gradually spread its tentacles to alternative investment vehicles.

What is quantitative investment? Refers to making judgments not through personal subjectivity and one’s own cognition, but through data calculations. It is a strategy that relies on mathematical and statistical models to identify market transactions.

target dispersion
  • Not limited to a single asset or a single class of stocks, the scope of investment is widely dispersed in multiple asset classes
  • Including individual stocks, industrial ETFs, large-cap ETFs, government bonds and alternative assets
professional team
  • 20+ years of Wall Street experience
  • Integrate academic and industry resources
  • Financial Engineering Master and Doctoral Team
flexible strategy
  • Adjust the proportion of strategies in response to market conditions at any time
  • Control risks and embrace growth
  • The strategy keeps pace with the times and is regularly updated and upgraded
Gamma Paradigm Capital
  • A financial asset management company registered in the United States
  • Established in New York City in 2013 and obtained a US financial asset management license in 2015
  • Combining years of experience in Wall Street and a solid American academic foundation, we use the method of quantitative finance to make market investment judgments and achieve excellent performance

David Audley, Ph.D.
  • Chair of the Department of Financial Mathematics Johns Hopkins University
  • Head of Quantitative Strategy Tiger Management Tiger Fund
  • Managing Partner, Watch Hill Investment Partners
  • Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Clinton Group
  • Founder, Beacon Capital Strategies
  • Merrill Lynch, Prudential Securities

Peter Lin, Ph.D.
  • Professor of Financial Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University
  • Professor of Enterprise & Executive Director of Financial Data Technology Stevenson Institute of Technology, USA
  • Ryan Labs Asset Management
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Taiwan Industrial Bank

Hear what the founders have to say

Few similar investments in the market have flexible operations and multiple targets, even if they exist, are strictly restricted by regulations, have extremely high investment thresholds and investor conditions, and the flexibility in fund subscription and redemption is not as free as public offerings.

Through financial technology, GP Capital divides the asset into small equal parts with a legal and compliant legal framework, lowers the threshold for monetary investment and conditions for investors, and provides liquidity for commodities. Through GP service platform, Users can buy and sell goods on the platform at any time as long as they pass the identity authentication procedure.

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Blockchain makes the investment process more transparent

GP Prime Investment is not a natural cryptocurrency, but for each unit of GP Prime Investment (or called Prime Unit), a corresponding crypto token will be issued. This crypto token is called Prime Token, which is based on the implementation of smart contracts on Ethereum, conforms to the general ERC-20 token agreement, and adds a variety of functions designed for securities tokenization, so that it can comply with regulatory requirements, providing investors with more protection. Below are the three important functions of Prime Token:

Documentation records

Transaction restrictions

Token governance

The address of Prime Token on Ethereum is “0x818D68C8d173a0c9A29f89422EE18d3Ef01aEB1C”, and its historical record can be found on the blockchain. Click here to query through Etherscan

Price changes, related data, and Comparing other commodities. From the date of Prime Token’s listing (2022/6/1) to the end of 2022, the reward is -10%, with an annualized volatility of 12%. During the same period, the S&P500 index is -7.1%, although the reward is slightly better than prime token , but the annualized volatility is 24%, and volatility can be regarded as a synonym for risk. Therefore, Prime Token can effectively reduce 50% of stock market risk through strategic allocation.

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