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Gamma Paradigm Capital (GP Capital) provides professional bond investment to global investors in the form of tokenization.

  • Retrieve low-risk and stable returns
  • 1000 USD easy investment
  • Let financial engineering experts continue to accumulate wealth for you

Vision Bond Investment may seek capital appreciation and aims to outperform benchmark*. It may invest in variety of fixed income product that are at least investment grade or above. The allocation is determined by portfolio yield and market risk. The majority of fixed income product includes but not limited to US Treasury bonds, Investment Grade Corporate Bonds, CLO, ABS, MBS, Agency MBS, Agency CMO, mortgage REIT stocks and convertible securities.

*Benchmark: Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index. It is a market-weighted index that includes a broad range of investment-grade bonds, including US Treasury bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and corporate bonds. The index is designed to reflect the performance of the overall US bond market and is considered a representative measure of the investment-grade, fixed-rate, taxable bond market.

Best Timing
  • Bond prices are likely to rise once FED stops raising rates
  • A low-risk option that provides a steady income
Experienced Team
  • 20+ years of Wall Street experience
  • Integrate academic and industry resources
  • Financial Engineering Master and Doctoral Team
Capital Appreciation
  • Active Management to increase portfolio values
Best Investment Opportunity

Investing in bonds can be a low-risk investment option that provides a steady source of income. Once the Federal Reserve (FED) stops raising rates, bond prices are likely to rise, making it a good time to invest. Bonds are less risky than stocks, provide diversification for portfolios, and can be a good option for those nearing retirement or seeking to protect their wealth. With interest rates likely to stabilize or decrease after the FED stops raising rates, bonds can provide a predictable income stream. Overall, investing in bonds can be a smart move for those seeking a stable and low-risk investment option.

Accessibility & Diversification

Vision Bond Investment can have better accessibility than investing in bonds directly. This is because Vision Bond Investment is a collective investment vehicle that pools money from multiple investors to buy a diversified portfolio of bonds. This means that investors can access a wide range of bonds that they may not be able to invest in directly. It also provides liquidity, as investors can buy or sell shares in the fund at any time, whereas selling individual bonds can be more challenging. Additionally, bond funds typically have lower investment minimums than buying individual bonds, making them more accessible to a wider range of investors. Overall, investing in a bond fund can provide investors with greater accessibility to a diversified portfolio of bonds, liquidity, and lower investment minimums than investing in bonds directly.

Professional Manager Team

Gamma Paradigm Capital
  • A financial asset management company registered in the United States
  • Established in New York City in 2013 and obtained a US financial asset management license in 2015
  • Combining years of experience in Wall Street and a solid American academic foundation, we use the method of quantitative finance to make market investment judgments and achieve excellent performance

David Audley, Ph.D.
  • Chair of the Department of Financial Mathematics Johns Hopkins University
  • Head of Quantitative Strategy Tiger Management Tiger Fund
  • Managing Partner, Watch Hill Investment Partners
  • Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Clinton Group
  • Founder, Beacon Capital Strategies
  • Merrill Lynch, Prudential Securities

Richard Liao
  • Currently at Mesirow Financial (Broker-dealer firm)
  • Former Global Head of G4 Bond Trading at ANZ bank and seasoned trader at various banks including BNP Paribas, TD Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, and Société Générale
  • Expertise in Fixed Income product and Securitized Product Over 20 years of investment experience
  • Princeton University Master’s Degree in Financial Engineering
Active Management

Active management allows fund managers to make adjustments to the fund’s holdings in response to changing market conditions, which can lead to better risk-adjusted returns. Active managers can use their expertise to avoid bonds that may pose a higher risk of default, resulting in a more stable portfolio. In a rising interest rate environment, bond prices tend to decline, which can negatively affect returns in both actively and passively managed bond funds. However, active management can be especially beneficial in this environment because it allows fund managers to adjust the portfolio in response to changing market conditions. For example, they may reduce exposure to longer-term bonds that are more sensitive to changes in interest rates or increase exposure to bonds that may perform better in a rising rate environment, such as floating-rate bonds. Additionally, active management can allow for more frequent and targeted rebalancing, which can help manage risk and maintain a diversified portfolio. In contrast, passive management may result in a less flexible portfolio that is more exposed to the negative effects of rising interest rates. Overall, while rising interest rates can pose a challenge for bond fund managers, active management can provide greater flexibility and the potential for better risk-adjusted returns in this environment.

The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) highlights the potential benefits of active management in bond funds. Consider the hypothetical example of two bond funds: one passively managed and the other actively managed. From January 1 to March 14, the passive fund earns a profit of 0.5%. However, the actively managed fund outperforms, earning a profit of 1.25% from January 1 to February 2 and a profit of 1.74% from March 7 to March 13. This demonstrates the potential advantage of active management in bond funds. While passive funds may track a benchmark index and offer lower fees, they may not be able to respond as quickly or effectively to market events such as the SVB collapse. In contrast, active management allows for more flexibility in adjusting the portfolio and responding to changing market conditions, potentially leading to higher returns and better risk-adjusted performance. This example illustrates the importance of considering both passive and active bond funds and weighing the potential benefits of each in achieving investment goals.

This actively managed bond investment combines over 20 years of investment experience with active management strategies to seek long-term stable wealth growth for investors. It aims to enter the market at the optimal time to provide stable returns with relatively low risk. By actively managing the portfolio, the management team strives to enhance the net asset value of the investment and identify opportunities for capital appreciation, while also managing risks effectively. For investors seeking a balance of stability and potential growth, this investment could be an excellent choice.

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Blockchain makes the investment process more transparent

Vision Bond Investment is not a natural cryptocurrency, but for each unit of Vision Bond Investment, a corresponding crypto token will be issued. This crypto token is called Vision Bond Token, which is based on the implementation of smart contracts on Ethereum, conforms to the general ERC-20 token agreement, and adds a variety of functions designed for securities tokenization, so that it can comply with regulatory requirements, providing investors with more protection. Below are the three important functions of Vision Bond Token:

Documentation records

Transaction restrictions

Token governance

The address of Vision Bond Token on Ethereum is “”, and its historical record can be found on the blockchain. Click here to query through Etherscan

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