Zaavy Jewelry Investment

Initial Offering Closed (Open from Feb. 1 to Feb. 28, 2023)

7% Stable dividend

40% profit sharing

For 2 Years


Invest in fine jewelry with a small amount, and obtain stable income and value-added profits

Zaavy Jewelry Token is linked to the jewelry works of Frédéric Zaavy workshop. Frédéric Zaavy was once the chief jewelry designer of Fabergé, the royal jeweler of the Tsar. This Token provides a fixed interest distribution and distribution mechanism, and has a two-year maturity repurchase.

  • Fine Jewelry Market
  • 1000 USD easy investment
  • Two-year buy-back guarantee
risk diversification
  • High-end jewelry prices are not affected by changes in the stock or bond markets
  • Increase the risk diversification of the investment portfolio
Stable dividend
  • No need to wait for the subject jewelry to actually sell
  • During the holding period, you can get a dividend income that is better than that of U.S. medium-term government bonds
  • The current 10-year U.S. Treasury yield is 3.5%.
  • With a profit sharing mechanism, when the selling price of the target jewelry is higher than the set price during the holding period, a part of the selling profit can be obtained

Frédéric Zaavy is a high-end custom jewelry workshop named after Frédéric Zaavy. It is committed to inheriting Zaavy’s design aesthetics and providing customers with perfect and precious jewelry. Floréal Ercilla, the chief jeweler of Fréderic Zaavy’s Paris studio, together with other jewelers, wax mold makers and inlayers, makes handmade and unique jewelry for customers according to the designs left by Zaavy.

Zaavy’s designs are extremely complex and require thousands of hours or more to create. The collectors of his works were visited by international auction companies, but no collectors were willing to sell them, which is a legend in the industry.

Possess the honor of master inlay and jeweler

Served as the chief jewelry designer of Fabergé, the royal jeweler of the Tsar.

The design concept is to paint with jewelry, using gemstones like palette pigments to reflect the longing for nature and light and shadow in the works.

Specializing in drawing inspiration from nature, she creates layered jewelry pieces that showcase subtle gradations of color and convey the depth of nature’s palette.

The Masterpiece Iris Bracelet

Flower meaning of iris: “Never ending love”.

Life-sized fresh iris decorated with diamond flourishes on fine and delicate bracelet. The posture and texture as that of fresh flower, just like full of the radiance of sun, stars and rainbow, those flowers are demonstrating its splendid life.

Description and Specification: Vivid yellow diamond, purple diamond, yellow diamond, white diamond, colour stone

*This is a representative work of Frédéric Zaavy, not the target of this investment

I decided to combine my knowledge in gemstones and artistic streak to reach art through jewellery.

Frédéric Zaavy

There are few investments products on the market that are directly linked to specific boutiques. In addition to being expensive, direct investment in boutiques requires a certain degree of appreciation in order to select targets with value-added potential.

Goldman Capital directly cooperates with jewelers to select jewelry targets suitable for investment, and through financial technology, divides them into small equal parts in a legal and compliant legal framework, lowers the investment threshold, and provides liquidity for commodities. Through Goldman’s As a service platform, users can buy and sell goods on the platform at any time as long as they pass the identity authentication procedure. (Note: This product is closed, and there is a time limit for subscription and redemption)

Contact with if you would like to know more details about the tokenized Jewelry Investment.

Blockchain makes the investment process more transparent

Zaavy Jewelry Investment is not a natural cryptocurrency, but for each unit of Zaavy Jewelry Investment, a corresponding crypto token will be issued. This crypto token is called Zaavy Jewelry Token, which is based on the implementation of smart contracts on Ethereum, conforms to the general ERC-20 token agreement, and adds a variety of functions designed for securities tokenization, so that it can comply with regulatory requirements, providing investors with more protection. Below are the three important functions of Zaavy Jewelry Token:

Documentation records

Transaction restrictions

Token governance

The address of Zaavy Jewelry Token on Ethereum is “0xb2eF3e46dfd7960611Dfd5b54106e1c849CBd8E2”, and its historical record can be found on the blockchain. Click here to query through Etherscan

Boutique investments may bring lucrative returns. For example, Hermes’ Birkin bags have appreciated by an average of 14.2% per year and have never depreciated in the past 35 years. However, not every boutique has investable value. Boutique group stocks have higher returns than the broader market over the long term, but they are also subject to greater volatility than the broader market.

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